October 10, 2009 / 0 Comments

My flute and I have been MIA the last month!  Last Saturday (October 3rd), in a wonderful and meaningful ceremony at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Gregory Cornelius and I got married.  The ceremony was full of music and we had an excellent string octet and flute perform works by Bach, Grieg, Mozart, Debussy, Villa-Lobos, and Beethoven.  Gregory and I would like to say thank you to all our family and friends that joined us on our wedding day and made it so special and memorable. I will upload a few pictures when we get them back.

This week, I have been getting re-acquainted with my flute!


NYC Flute Convention

August 22, 2009 / 0 Comments

A last minute decision led to a trip to New York City in the middle of August to attend the National Flute Association Convention.  I worked at the Flutacious booth in the convention hall.  The shop is based in the Los Angeles area and owned by the fabulous Cynthia Kelley.  Although I spent most of my time working in the exhibit hall, I did manage to sneak out to a few daytime events and heard the evening gala concerts.  This convention was hailed as big deal since it was in New York City.  The most newsworthy event occurred when Sir James Galway led a rousing crowd of 1,989 flutists to break the world record of flutists playing together at the same time.   I did not get a chance to participate since I was setting up in the exhibit hall, but they did make an announcement over the speaker.    It was quite a different situation when you left the Marriott in Times Square and walked out to the street and were surrounded by a few thousand tourists taking pictures, who probably had no idea that there were a few thousand flute players inside the Marriott.  Overall, a nice trip!  I have to give a congratulations shout-out to my friend, Sarah Paysnick, who earned 1st prize in the NFA Baroque Flute Artist Competition at the convention.

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