Summer is ending or fall is beginning?

Between traveling, teaching summer camps, and having friends visit, this summer has flown by quickly. I’m enjoying my last few days of free evenings before the teaching year gears up again. (I really shouldn’t complain too much since my teacher friends in Texas have already been working for a few weeks.)

There are several exciting performances happening this season. I’ve updated my performance calendar for the next six months. Keep checking back for updates.

One of my favorite friends, Lindsey, came up to Boston to visit back in July. We took a day trip up to Newburyport and sat on the beach. She also has a new job teaching at Southeastern Louisiana University. Congratulations!

On the Beach at Plum Island, Newburyport, MA

A baby seal came out of the water to rest on the beach for a few minutes. We were worried that he wasn’t feeling well but a representative from the New England Aquarium was on the beach who assured us that it was completely normal for them to rest when they got tired.

The baby seal is tired and came up to rest on the beach.

Greg fished and caught a skate. Ugly, right? We did not take the skate home to eat for dinner.


Back in Boston, we rode the swan boats in the Boston Garden. I highly recommend this boat ride as it was only $2.75 per person!

Acting like kids on the Swan Boats.

We finished off our visit with some blueberry picking at Honey Pot Hill Orchards. We went in the middle of a warm afternoon so we were the only ones picking except for one other family.

Freshly picked quarts of blueberries.

Carmen and Kathryn also came to visit – they took the pictures so I just need to get copies from them. Overall, this was an excellent summer. I am looking forward to the fall and getting back into my regular routine.

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