Chagall Performance Art Collaborative

A Musical and Poetic Journey from Freedomville to Breakdowns

February 19th, 2010, 9:00 PM

Christopher Gainey Breakdowns for flute and cello
Jim Scully Duality in Time

Scott Ruescher, poet
Ashley Addington, flute
Rachel Arnold, cello
Dennis Shafer, Soundpainter, saxophone
Diana Norma, poet
Sarah Kinne, visual artist

Take a journey with Ruescher’s new chapbook Sidewalk Tectonics (2009 Pudding House Press). Musically enhanced by this ruthless duo, Jim Scully’s Duplicitous Encounter will start the trip from Lincoln’s birthplace to the site Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, highlighted by Christopher Gainey’s Breakdowns.  No kidding, there’s blues in this one–and Soundpainting, too!   Bring your own contribution in the form of poetry, sound, spirits, and be ready for a surprise from the exhibited visual artist, Sarah Kinne!

Suggested Donation $10

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